Light Packages
This is just a guideline and will give you an idea of what will be included in each of my light packages. There may be a substitution here or there. I have also included video (when possible), so you can see what effects the different lights give. It may help you decide which package is right for you and your event.
Basic Light Package included with every DJ job
These are either tabletop lights or I clamp them on my speaker stands. All larger light packages come with a light stand or truss system.
Vue I
Click on pictures to see a video of the lights
LED Fireball
Shinp Star Laser (Ceiling Light)
Shinp Firefly Laser
Star Ball (Slow Light)
Standard Light Package
Grand Light Package
Majestic Light Package
(Includes BASIC package lights, plus 3 ADDITIONAL FAST LIGHTS and 1 SLOW LIGHT listed below)
(Includes BASIC package lights, plus 6 ADDITIONAL FAST LIGHTS and 1 SLOW LIGHT listed below)
(Includes BASIC package lights, plus 9 ADDITIONAL FAST LIGHTS and 2 SLOW LIGHTS listed below, on a 10 ft. Truss System)
LED Derby
Eliminator Mystique Mushroom
Heart Laser (Ceiling Light)
Flower Laser
LED Shadow Blacklight
Stars & Cloud Laser (Ceiling Light)
Elan LED
Strobe Light
Vue II LED (I have 2 of these)
(I have 2 of these. One is included in the basic package)
Line Dancer
Your name(s) in lights! Projected onto a wall, ceiling or dance floor. Great for weddings or birthday parties! Doubles as a Moonflower Light, when not in messenger mode.

(Included with every PURCHASED Light Package, #2, 3 or 4)
Used on the DJ Table (no charge)
(A Double Bubble machine, used at outdoor events or if requested for weddings)
Diablo Flame
Bubble Blast
Uplighting available at an additional charge per light. Highlight behind a head table, the DJ table or the walls of your reception site.
Jelly Dome